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Q. Where is Honest Telecom local service available?  

A. Honest Telecom is currently available in New York and New Jersey, wherever Verizon service is available.  Please check with us for location of availability as we allways update our locations of service providers. 


Q. What will happen to a customer's Verizon voicemail box if they switch their local service to Honest Telecom? 

A. The customer will lose their Verizon voicemail box, including any saved messages, but they can order voicemail service from Honest Telecom. 


Q. How will this service differ from their current Verizon voicemail box?

 A. They will be charged $1.99 for stutter in New Jersey. We also offer voicemail notification via email, which can be ordered upon request for no fee.


Q. Are there any fees associated with ordering or canceling additional features after the customer submits their initial order and begins service with us? 

A. Yes, there is a $15 service fee, per feature added or removed.  This is to cover our costs of processing such an order. 


Q. Can we accept customers currently enrolled in Lifeline?

A. Yes, we now offer the amazing Bigtalk plans, which offer the following


New customers: $2 discount.

Autodebit:     $1 discount.

Ebilling:      $0.50 discount.

Our Lifeline/Bigtalk customers can get rates as low as $23.99!


Q. Can we service alarm phone lines?

A. Honest Telecom can service alarm phone lines under Resale.  Line will not be eligible for any Honest Telecom packages.  Line charge and telephone usuage will be billed at 5% below Verizon standard prices.

Q. Can we service DSL phone lines?

 A. Honest Telecom cannot migrate lines with existing Verizon DSL, but with the customer's approval we can drop the Verizon DSL for them to install our DSL.  Honest Telecom offers business DSL under Resale.  Line charge and telephone usage will be billed at 5% below Verizon standard prices.


Q. What is the description field on the LOA intended for?

A. The description field is for the customer to explain what type of phone line each specific phone line is, for example, fax, modem, etc.  This is how it will show up on their invoice, for the customer to clearly see how many minutes were used from each type of phone line.  If it's a regular landline, it is not necessary to fill in any information.  Additionally, this field should be used when there are numbers that are part of a hunt group.  Additionally, if a customer is ordering 'Call Forwarding' they can indicate in the description field (on the residential LOA), which telephone numbers to forward the calls to. This field should be used when a customer lists a cell phone number for 'CellThru" service.  Please list 'CellThru' in the description field.



Q. What type of hunting is available, and how do I note this information on the LOA?

A. Hunting will generally be circular or sequential.  Circular hunting means that the last line in the hunting group will hunt back to the first in the hunting group.  Please number the lines according to how the hunting should work.

Q. What is 'CellThru'?

A. CellThru is an additional service that we are offering to local and/or long distance customers, to place international call from their cell phone via a local access number at rates far below those of their cellular provider.

Q. How long does it take to set up a customer with local service?

A. Residential

Single Line     will take     4-5 business days

Multiple Lines will take     6-8 business days

CLEC to CLEC will take   8-10 business days

Facility based  will take  10-15 business days


Single Line     will take    4-5 business days

Up to 5 Lines  will take    6-8 business days

Under 20 Lines will take  8-10 business days

20 + Lines       will take  10-15 business days

CLEC to CLEC  add 3-5 business days to above interval

Facility based   add 5-7 business days to above interval

DSL Line          will take  10-15 business days

Q. How long does it take to set up a customer with long distance service?

A. It take approximately 3 days if the account is not frozen.

Q. Can we accept Centrex lines?

A. Yes, PLEASE CHECK FOR PENALTIES.  Honest Telecom bears no responsibility for penalties on cancellation of contract.

Q. What if a customer wants to split their Centrex account?

A. The customer must leave a minimum of 2 lines with Verizon.

Q.  What happens if a customer currently has a contract for their local or long distance service?

A. Please make sure to read the fine print and understand the penalties involved.  Honest Telecom is not responsible for any penalties customers may incur for canceling contracts.

Q. The customer has features that do not appear on the Honest Telecom feature list.  Can we service them?

A. Please ask us as we can service almost everything that Verizon can. (We will update our feature list to include additional features on an ongoing basis.)

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